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The Restructuring Desk offers advice and support.
Completely tailored to your needs.

Advice & support

Tailor-made guidance.

You can call in The Restructuring Desk for expert legal and strategic advice.

It is all about what you want. Fight mode or friendly mode. I'll show you all the options. I can support you in the background, or take over all communications or proceedings completely. While you still pull the strings. Everything is possible.

Curious whether your employer has taken the right steps?

View the free reorganization checklist with step-by-step plan.

The Employment Law Desk

If you are not facing a reorganization at the company you work for, but can use some advice in the field of employment law? Feel free to call in The Employment Law Desk.

You can approach this specialist service branche with all kinds of general employment law questions. Questions such as:

– Do I have to agree to a demotion?
– Can working hours be adjusted within the organization?
– Or my salary, for example as a result of the Corona crisis?
– Or other terms of employment?
– How do I prevent or resolve a labor dispute?
– Am I obligated to take leave?
– Do I already have the right to a permanent contract?

Please feel free to contact me. Also if you have any other questions.